On the problems of archival work and the possibilities of future collaborations between the Nordic jazz archives and networks. The workshop will also feature a status report on current research from the various Nordic archives. Wolfram Knauer will be the impartial moderator on the workshop which will have the following topics:

Archival resources:
Ahat kind of resources do the spoecific archives have and work with most of the time? What do we have to collect, what do we not have to collect?

What software is used and how far is the progress in the archiving of records, books, periodicals, correspondence, photos?

Is there a possibility for a pan-Scandinavian discographical web project, and could that at one point be enlarged into a European discographical project? Has anyone experience with a sort of Wiki-Discography?

What is the standard procedure as to digitizing music, written documents, photos?

Availability of digitized documents:
Are there any plans for a web presentation of specific material?

Database compatibility:
What kinds of databases are used and are they compatible (or at least could they be made compatible at one point)?

Oral History:
Where do we stand with original oral history documentation (done by the archive itself) or oral history housed in other archives or done by journalists etc.?

Special collections:
Which special collections are there in the different archives and how can they be presented to people outside the archive at this moment?

How can a networking mailing list among the archives be helpful? And how could the existing mailing list (Euro Jazz Archives) and the existing website ( help networking (and be kept an active tool)?