8th Nordic Jazz Conference

The 8th Nordic Jazz Conference 25–27th of August 2009 at Aalborg University

Centre for Danish Jazz History at Aalborg University welcomes everyone to sign up for The 8th Nordic Jazz Conference which will take place the 25-27th of August 2009. The conference will feature more than 10 speakers from the Nordic countries, Germany, Australia and Latvia. On this page you find some practical information and an overview of the conference program. Abstracts can be found on the subpages according to the specific day.

8th Nordic Jazz Conference Papers & Information

Conference Program

Tuesday 25th

09.30 am check in at Aalborg University (Keynote speak begins at 10.15 am)

Session 1
  • History or Histories? - Why it is so difficult to draft a European jazz history, Wolfram Knauer (DE) (Keynote speaker)
  • Jazz in Norway – as part of global jazz history, Hans Weisethaunet (NO)
  • ‘On the margins’: problems in jazz archiving outside the US, Bruce Johnson (AUS/FIN)


Session 2
  • (Examples of) 'Race' Consciousness in Danish Jazz Reception, Christen Kold Thomsen (DK)
  • Jazz i Norge på 1960-tallet (i tresserne), Bjørn Stendahl (NO)


Session 3
  • From a local jazz club to the best venue in the world, Frank Büchmann-Møller (DK)
  • Jazz into Art Music in 60’s Sweden – Structures and Strategies, Alf Arvidsson (SE)

Evening: Biffen, Aalborg: Dinner and jazz movies (clips from CDJs archive)

Wednesday 26th

Session start at 9.30 am

Session 4
  • Lembit Saarsalu: “Music Saved Me”, Heli Reimann (FIN)
  • Jazz and Danish ”Cultural Radicalism”, Peder Kaj Pedersen (DK)
  • Uffe Baadh, Lars Westin (SE)
  • Johann Emile Dændler, Morten Hein (DK)
  • Research activities at CDJ, Staff of CDJ (DK)


Session 5
  • History of Jazz in Latvia - 1920–1940, Indrikis Veitners (LT)
  • Globalizing Perspectives on Norwegian Jazz History, Tor Dybo (NO)


Session 6
  • Jazz Biography - Jazz Cronicle - Jazz History - Jazz Science, Olav Harsløf (DK)
  • Fotografiet som historieforteller, Finn J. Kramer-Johansen, Jazzarkivet (NO)

Evening: Huset i Hasserisgade, Aalborg: Dinner and concert with JazzNord Ensemble

Thursday 27th August

Session start at 9 am

Session 7
  • Workshop - The possibilities of future collaborations between the Nordic jazz archives and networks, Wolfram Knauer (impartial moderator)

Lunch and Good Bye!

The conference is supported by Det Obelske Familiefond.