Roger Bergner: Diversity in focus - jazz photographer Christer Landergren`s archive

In 2006 acquired the Svenskt visarkiv (SVA) through a donation an extensive material of jazz photographs by the photographer Christer Landergren (1941-2006), which is the largest single archive that has been donated to the SVA, consisting of 150,000 negatives and several thousand of paper copies that Landergren himself developed in his darkroom.

Christer Landergren was a prominent photographer who during 40 years documented the Swedish jazz scene and the many international visits by foreign jazz musicians. He received his education at the photographer Christer Strömholm`s School of Photographer and even went later in the Documentary Film School. From the mid-60s and up until a few years before his death Landergren was always in place at jazz concerts and festivals, mostly in Sweden, but he also made a trip to the US in 1969. The images could then be viewed the journal Orkester Journalen, whose main picture provider he was during all the years. Landergren`s photos is not only a record of the jazz events in general, but also the independent work of art that can definitely be compared with images of the premier jazz photographers in the world. Besides photographing musicians on stage, Landergren took also pictures at the "home of" reportage and for phonograms productions etc.

Through a special project in the spring of 2015 has now SVA begun the work to digitize the archive, which has a large national and international value, and made it available in the database. A work that also includes the identification, registration and give the photos relevant metadata. Landergren himself had not provided its archive with any retrieval system, personal register etc. A selection of the photos will be available on the web of the Swedish Performing Arts Agency

Roger Bergner works as a research archivist and head of the jazz department at the Swedish visarkiv / Swedish Performing Arts Agency. He has contributed to the book Den Gyllene Cirkeln – Jazzen på 1960-talet (Prisma, 2002) as well as a variety of CD-productions with Swedish jazz. He is a board member the Lars Gullin Society and member of the Group for Swedish Jazz History (GSJ). He is also the co-workers in Orkester Journalen.